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In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Step-by-Step on how to build profitable DropService business using proven D.R.O.P System that works for All Kinds of Online Business

  • How to find high in-demand digital products and services that you will sell like hot cakes!

  • Profit Maximizer Secret - The secret to finding services & digital products that gives you a up to 10X profit markup!

  • How to brand your Drop Servicing Agency by building trust and long-term relationships to acquire recurring clients and unlimited referrals

  • The Organic Traffic Booster Formula - Promote your services to MASSIVE audience without any advertising costs needed!

  • Sales Booster Strategies - How to turn browsers to buyers using Title Optimization and Image Optimization

  • Step-by-step on how to build a successful & high converting Drop servicing website & funnel

  • Multiple Streams Of Income - Learn a secret Business model that you can combine Drop servicing & Dropshipping all in one store

  • Recurring Income Secrets - Discover the secrets to generate recurring income through retainer packages

3 Bonuses I'll Be Giving:

(worth $12,894)

  • Ready Winning Templates & Portfolios (Worth $8000)

    Marketing templates, ready portfolios & a secret weapon plan (worth $8000) will be provided for you to get started immediately!

  • 2 X BONUS COURSES:- Automated Drop Servicing Funnel & Dropshipping Crash Course (Worth $697)

    Learn how to create an AUTOMATED Lead Generation Drop Servicing Funnel PLUS another stream of income from Dropshipping! Discover how to combine both Dropshipping & Drop Servicing business into ONE store! Start getting 2 streams of income from just ONE website!

  • Private FB Support Group & Mentor's Direct Contact (Worth $2997)

    My team and I will be providing you support & coaching in a private FB group to hold your hand to success! My direct TELEGRAM contact will also be provided after enrolment so that you can chat with me when you need a personalized solution!


FREE TikTok Programme (Valued at $1200)

Turn Views To Revenue (VTR) Programme. Send proof of receipt to to enjoy this bonus **ONLY for the first 30 sign up!


How students benefitted from this course

Wes Ho

Closed >20 deals & made $5000 with $0

Wes Ho

"It has been my pleasure to be able to take May Ng drop servicing course. I have been trying different way to make money including crypto and affiliate marketing etc. However, this is the ONLY way that I make money WITH 0 INVESTMENT. This course does work! Keep going and you will never regret 🙂 thank you once again!"
Kavish Mishra

Made $1500 in 2 days

Kavish Mishra

"I bought her course 2 days ago and was skeptical about if I will succeed or not. But guess what, I got a website development client for $1500 in just 2 days. And yes I have also easily recovered her course fees. Super happy"
Benjamin Gan

Making $2.5k per month as a side income

Benjamin Gan

"Went thru all her drop servicing and dropshipping courses and had a few questions here and there but she didn’t waste anytime to reply and answer my questions! Hence I was able to close a deal within 2-3 weeks. Didn’t have a good start but managed to pull thru with her help and able to make a profit of more than 100%! Highly recommended!"
Keenbie Kok

Closed $1500 deal after 2 weeks!

Keenbie Kok

May, absolutely supportive and a good mentor. I’ve signed up the drop service course 3 weeks ago and things escalate so quickly. I’ve got few lead and close a big order within 2 week. I’ve turn to May to ask for further advice. Client wanted a company profile video. May and I, did collaboration for the filming and editing services. Everything went smoothly. I’m so delighted as this is my first earning after I quit my job as stay-home-mum for 4 years. I will highly recommend this course and no regret to learn a new passive income. Thank You May ❤️
 Ivan Zvonimir Matić

All you need to know about Drop Servicing is in this couse

Ivan Zvonimir Matić

"All you need to know about Drop Servicing is in this course" The modules are easy to follow which is very important with our shortened attention span nowadays. The content is very digestible and the actions are easy to implement. What is even more important - every step is demonstrated and backed up with example. Suitable for total beginners like I was. I combined this course with the Dropservicing 101 playlist on Youtube channel (around 15 videos in total) and now I can say I have a really proficient understanding of the drop servicing business, although I never knew that a business like this exists before taking this course. Highly recommended.
Wendy Tong

6 sales in 3 days!

Wendy Tong

I followed May's strategies and tried listing just one service. In 3 days, I've received 6 sales and it's been keeping me busy. If you've been wanting to find ways to generate an income, do consider taking up dropservicing which does not require any startup capital or skills at all.
Colin Wang

Made 1st sale after 2nd coaching session

Colin Wang

"I made my 1 sale after 2 session. May is a very good trainer. Always very kind, helpful to teach and she is super patience. Which is very important to me as i am a slow learner. I highly recommend her course to any person who want to learn about drop servicing. You will not regret. With hard work you will make sales"

Additional stream of income


This course reignited my passion in graphic designing and it has created an additional stream of income for me (though is still very little now). I hope to take this business further and scale it this year. I think the programme is well-structured and May is very sincere in sharing all her knowledge
Emcee, Actress, Entrepreneur

Shannon Zann

Emcee, Actress, Entrepreneur

"OMG, i had my first sale in 2 days, and i only had 1 listing!! definitely wasn't expecting it! thank you so much May for your help, always so patiently answering my questions. can't imagine how many people you have to reply to the same questions! 😅 never really thought this could work, but this is indeed possible! and your price is unmatched seriously. looking forward to getting your new course!!"
Business Owner

Erica Tvyn

Business Owner

"Very pleased to have signed up with this course. It's very clear and simple to follow. Can't even believe I've made my 1st sale on the 2nd day!!! And I've been constantly active and making $$$ ever since! Thank you very much May! I highly recommend signing up this course!"

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To The Course! (Important Announcements)
    • Join Our Exclusive Facebook Group (For members only)
    • Business Overview Intro
  • 2

    Module 1: Dropservice

    • What Is Dropservice?
    • The D.R.O.P System
    • Getting Started (Phase 1)
  • 3

    Module 2: Dropservice Selling Platforms

    • Dropservice Selling Platforms (Overview)
    • Free Vs Paid
    • Finding Local Community Online Marketplace
  • 4

    Module 3: How To Find Services In Demand

    • Market Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Drop Servicing Product Training
    • Types Of Digital Services Suitable For Drop Servicing
    • In-Demand Services (With Recurring Income)
    • Designing Your Unique Package
  • 5

    Module 4: Profit Maximizer Secret

    • Low cost, good quality supplier
    • Freelancer (Supplier) Selection Criteria
    • Supplier Prices Vs Market Price
  • 6

    Module 5: Product Research

    • List Of Product Ideas
    • Secret 1 - How To Find Hot Selling And Profitable Services
  • 7

    Module 6: Where To Sell Your Services

    • Secret 2 - How To Get Good Reviews Fast
    • Drop Servicing Website
    • FREE Website with payment page included - Pensight Tutorial
  • 8

    Module 7: Product Listing & Optimization (For Online Marketplace)

    • Overview
    • Product Description
    • Copywriting For Drop Servicing (NEW)
    • Secret 3 - Product Image Optimization
    • How To Create Attractive Product Image (Listing Thumbnail)
    • Secret 4 - Title Optimization
    • How To List On Ebay
  • 9

    Module 8: Product Pricing

    • How To Set Prices
    • Secret 5 - How To Increase Your Profit By 200%
  • 10

    Module 9: Marketing - Sales Booster Strategy

    • Secret 6 -Boost Organic Traffic To Your Services
    • What is Content Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Overview
    • Sample Contents For Drop Servicing
  • 11

    Module 10: Order Fulfillment

    • Setting Your Delivery Time
    • Revision
    • How To Deliver Orders Like A PRO
    • How To Avoid Negative Feedback
    • Tips On How To Handle Supplier
    • Receiving Payment & Invoicing
    • Quotation & Invoice Template
  • 12

    Module 11: Shopify Website Creation

    • Introduction To Website Creation For Drop Servicing
    • Shopify Store Setup
    • Installing Theme & Menu Items
    • Adding Products
    • Homepage Design
    • Creating Video Banner
    • Introduction To Your Business
    • Product / Services Feature
    • Portfolio
    • Processes & Thumbnail Creation
    • Testimonials
    • Request For A Quote
    • Form Builder
    • Footer Menu, Newsletter & Blog
    • Live Messenger Chat Installation
    • Buy Domain
    • Connecting Domain
    • Payment Setup
    • Shopify Dropshipping (BONUS Lesson)
  • 13


    • More Suppliers!
    • 10X Your Sales!
    • Ready Sample Jobs
    • Ready Templates
    • 5 Steps SECRET WEAPON Action Plan
    • Portfolio Hack For Beginners (UpWork)
  • 14

    Drop Servicing INTENSIVE (2nd Month Course)

    • Scale & Expansion (Phase 2)
    • Identifying Your Ideal Client Using 2 Circles (Phase 2)
    • Creating In-Demand Up-Sells & Cross-Sell Packages (Retainer Package)
    • Designing Your Brand
    • Organic Marketing (Sell Without Selling Method)
    • Paid Advertising
    • Creating Ad For Your Service (Easy & Attractive Ad Creative)
    • Website That Converts
    • Campaigns To Get More Leads/Prospects
    • Video Marketing
    • Freelancers
    • Reselling Digital Products (Automated Business)
    • Lesson Slides 1
    • Lesson Slides 2
    • Ready Packages (NEW)
  • 15

    Business Evaluation (3rd month)

    • Submit Business Links For Review (Business Audit)
  • 16

    BONUS COURSE #1 - Automated Drop Servicing Funnel

    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Lesson Slide
  • 17

    BONUS COURSE #2 - FREE Dropshipping Crash Course

    • (Will be released 90 Days After Enrollment)
    • Dropshipping Crash Course (Part 1)
    • Dropshipping Crash Course (Part 2)
    • Dropshipping Crash Course (Part 3)
    • Dropshipping Crash Course (Part 4)


May Ng

Head Coach

May Ng

May is an experienced online business coach who has helped countless entrepreneurs succeed in the digital world. With over 8 years of experience in online business and a deep understanding of digital marketing, May has built a reputation for delivering outstanding results. In fact, May is well-known for winning the "Make $10,000 in 10 Days Challenge" - a testament to her expertise in online business and digital marketing. After starting her first online business in 2015 and achieving $22,000 in the first 3 months, May realized the power of digital marketing and developed proven online business systems to help others achieve similar success. Today, May is not only an accomplished online business coach but also a 6-figures online business owner who runs 2 successful online businesses. Whether you're looking to start a new online business, optimize an existing one, or scale your operations, May has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. With her proven online business systems and hands-on guidance, May can help you build a successful online business that generates the income and freedom you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts immediately for the 1st month's modules! For the 2nd-month modules (Drop Servicing Intensive), the lessons will be fully released to you 21 days after your enrolment. Subsequently, you will be able to access the course for a lifetime! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. When you need to refer back to the lessons, you get to watch them over and over again!

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • What happens if I have questions or if I need help?

    You can get support through 3 channels - Post your questions directly on any of the lessons (that you have questions on) in the course platform. It will be labeled under "Discussion", post your questions in our private FB group OR chat with coach May via her direct Telegram contact